Initially I worked with sequential formats using repeated imagery with successions of repetitions containing sets of elements as ordered as consecutive numbers to express a coherent relationship between main and subordinate parts .Multiplicity of imagery forming a continuity of progression. Whilst sequences are primary to my practice I have moved from the stability of conventional methods into interactive installations and other methods that still rely on repetition to create an interactive dialectic. Repeated motifs and subjects fundamental to the region are to the fore but through the medium of textile and stitching take it takes a new meaning and fluidity.Symbolism of the cultural, textile and olfactory heritage of the region, in particular woman’s studies have informed my work.Taken from their fixed cultural reality and extended to form simple linguistic units that do not require words to communicate. I have dismantled the individual components of the private personas external shield. The viewer enters into a world of seclusion, privacy, hidden expression and the nuances of individuality.

From the aesthetic external appearance to the repetition of these innumerable spatial patterns, my work interacts with the viewer to guide them beyond surface illusion